#three (2015)

for piano, percussion (vibraphone, partial drum set, one player), upright bass


Jan 2015, Taplin Auditorium, Princeton, NJ


Apr 2015

Juri Seo (piano), Clair Warnaar (percussion), Sean McClowry (bass)

Andres Villalta (recording engineer)

Program note:

I have always been drawn to the spontaneous beauty and easygoing virtuosity of jazz (despite my meager experience as a jazz pianist). In #three, little jazzy snippets take surprising turns: from espressivo to scherzo, from Romantic piano flourishes to clamorous rock beats. The collage-like progressions resulted from my struggle to compose piano licks while my husband Mark was drumming away rock grooves in the basement. Somehow, everything worked out in the end. I love such moments, when conflicts dissolve in one giant musical stockpot.

#three was written in the winter of 2014-2015 for the members of American Modern Ensemble.