Sunlight (2019)

for flute/piccolo, clarinet, trumpet, horn, piano, percussion, and string quintet

Commissioned by the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra


May 13, 2019, Lewis Arts Center, Princeton, NJ

NJSO Chamber Players, with Steven Mackey (cond.)


The work includes some justly tuned harmonies (used in the beginning and ending thirds of the piece). The notation is in HEJI (Helmholtz-Ellis Just Intonation) + cent deviations. The MIDI is rendered from Note Performer in Dorico notation software. Live recording is unavailable. Please inquire about the score if interested.

Program note: 

Sunlight morphs slowly without clear breaks. It draws a curve made up of many little curves. A sunrise—violent, sudden, and luminous—and the following dawn chorus comprise the central portion of the work. A few intertwining birdsongs transform into one another. In the end, I wanted to write music that was more about being a bird than listening to a bird. The ending is a simple meditation on a feather, symmetrically expanding, moving gently in the wind.