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Juri Seo's music for strings in collaboration with the Argus Quartet on Innova Recordings

“It is without refrain that I can say that Seo has mastered fluidity, the easiness of transition between poles that would seem irreconcilable. If you’d ask me where the border between all those things was, I’d say it’s everywhere, at all times, and it’s not made for division, but for connection.”

David Murrieta Flores reviews Juri Seo's album Respiri for a closer listen.

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"On the title track of Respiri, delicate scales and spears of sound thread among densely packed, shifting chords that swell and subside. Juri Seo was specifically inspired by the late composer Jonathan Harvey’s musical evocations of breathing. But from a broader perspective, the piece’s seven and a half minutes are a deep nod to the striving for original forms of beauty that has taken place over the last century-plus, since the Romantic movement gave way to modernism."

Jon Sobel reviews Respiri for

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"Respiri could be described in thematic terms as a meditation on life, death, change, and rebirth."

Textura reviews Respiri

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"Suite for Cello, dove il confronto con J.S. Bach non intimorisce la Seo, ma anzi ne stimola la fervida fantasia, non da ultimo timbrica.”

(the confrontation with J.S. Bach does not intimidate Seo, but rather stimulates her fervent imagination, not least the timbre.)

Pilippo Focosi reviews Respiri for Kathodik

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"By building on strong premises and each seeking out a richer formal and dramatic design than the last, the pieces point to promising future directions; Seo’s listeners will find in Respiri an encouraging step forward on an open-ended path.”

Andrew Stock reviews Respiri for

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