Recent Works / Pieces in Progress / Upcoming Projects


Spoons for 10 spoons, 2 percussionists (2019, completed)

Commission by New Works for Percussion Project

Premiere in 2019-2020 by the consortium participants

Sunlight for Ensemble of flute, clarinet, horn, trumpet, percussion, piano, 2vln, vla, vcl, bass (2019, completed)

Commissioned by New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

Premiere in May 2019

Contrapuntal Forms (Fugue, Cantus Firmus, Canon) for Mixed Sextet  (2019, completed) 

Commissioned by the Fromm Foundation for Latitude 49

Premiere in October 2019

New work for Saxophone Quartet for Prism Quartet (2019, in progress)

Commissioned by Prism Quartet

Premiere in 2020

New work for 2020 Tongyeong International Music Festival (2020)

Commissioned by the Goethe Institut

Premiere in 2020

New work for Piri and Soprano (2020)

for Gamin (Piri) and Lucy Dhegrae (Soprano)

Premiere in 2020

New work for the Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players (2020)

Premiere in 2021